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Welcome to, the official website of Senior Home Connection LLC. The site serves two purposes. It is a free, unbiased resource for seniors and their families that are seeking living or rehabilitation options. It also serves as a measurable referral service for Independent, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing Providers.

As a provider, you can take advantage of this service at no charge by registering and completing the standard profile. This will allow your facility to be included in the search results. The standard profile will include the facility name, address, and phone number. It also allows you to upload one photo and 250 characters of your own text.

There is also an "Exclusive Profile" that can be purchased for one annual fee. In addition to the standard profile data, the "Exclusive Profile" allows upload of 4 additional photos and an ample 600 characters of text. It also provides a link to your organization’s website. More importantly, it gives the option for the user to click on a "contact the facility to schedule a tour" button in which they fill out and submit their contact information. This information along with the results of their choices gets e-mailed you. There is also a pay per referral option for the “Exclusive Profile.”

For more information regarding "Exclusive Profiles" please contact Sheldon Meyers, Founder/President of Senior Home Connection LLC. at or 585-259-1178. will become “the first place to start” for seniors and their families who are seeking living options.

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