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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any costs associated with using the website?

A: No, Use of the website is free.

Q: Are all senior communities and homes within a given location included in the database?

A: The website offers all communities and homes within each of its markets a free opportunity to place their profiles within its database. It is our intent to provide information on as many communities and homes as possible within each of our markets, however, some choose not to be listed. The company also offers all communities and homes within each of its markets the choice of purchasing an enhanced profile which allows them to provide more information about themselves.

Q: Will my contact information be shared or sold?

A: No, unlike other online referral services we do not share your personal or contact information with any of the communities/homes within our database, nor with any other entity or organization. Only you decide which communities/homes that you want to share your contact information with in order to attain more information or to schedule a tour. You will not be inundated with phone calls from many different communities/homes, only those that YOU choose.

Q: What if I choose a community or home that I find on your website and I am not happy after I move in?

A: Our objective is to provide you with the communities and homes that closely match your choices of location, care, affordability, and preferred amenities. The purpose of the website is to save you time in narrowing down your choices. It is highly recommended that you visit any of the communities and/or homes that you are interested in. We cannot be responsible if you decide to move in and find that you are not satisfied.

Q: How long before I should expect someone to reach me after submitting my contact information from the website?

A: We ask the communities/homes listed in our database to contact those that have submitted a request for more information within 48 hours. If you do not receive any communication after submitting your request please contact us at

Q: If I choose a community or home that has an American Express Gift Card Logo showing on their profile, how do you know if I have moved in?

A: All requests for information that are submitted through the “Contact this Facility” form are tracked. The $200 Gift Card is only available if you contact the community/home by submitting this form. If you call the community/home than you are not eligible to receive the gift card. The “Contact this Facility” form is the only way we are able to know if you’ve moved into a community/home that you found on our website.

Q: Why isn’t the American Express Gift Card offer available for all of the communities/homes that have profiles on the website?

A: Some of the communities/homes agree to pay Senior Home Connection LLC a fee for referrals that come through this website. In exchange, they are able to provide more information on their profiles. The American Express Gift Card Promotion only applies to these communities/homes.

Q: Does the American Express Gift Card come from the community/home that I move into?

A: No, the American Express Gift Card is delivered to you from Senior Home Connection LLC sixty days after you’ve moved in.